Pass Plus


The Pass Plus is designed to further improve your driving skills, to give you added confidence and experience, the cost of the course is £195.00

Once you have passed you test you are safe to drive on the roads unaccompanied. But you must remember that you are still an inexperienced driver.

The statistics show that new drivers are around 10 times more likely to be involved in an accident, and regrettably, two drivers under the age of 25 die every day in crashes through-out the UK.

About 20% of new drivers will be involved in a crash during their first year driving which accounts for insurance premiums being so high for new drivers.

What is Pass Plus ?

Pass Plus is a training course specifically aimed at new drivers. Figures show that new drivers are more likely to have an accident in the first two years of passing their test due to a lack of driving experience and this is where the Pass Plus scheme can help. The course aims to build upon the newly acquired driving skills and knowledge gained from passing your test.

Pass Plus is six modules which include

1.  Introduction and town driving.

2.  All weather driving.

3.  Driving on rural roads.

4.  Night time driving.

5.  Dual carriageway driving.

6.  Driving on motorways.

You would have covered most of these topics during your driving lessons, however the Pass Plus scheme emphasis’s a more positive approach to driving. The main focus is on your attitude and skills and gives a different perspective on these topics and will enhance your abilities.

Anyone who holds a full UK licence is eligible to take part in the scheme. You will not have to take a test at the end of the course but you will must successfully complete all the modules in the course to an achieved or exceeded standard.

Pass Plus results

A recent survey carried out for the DVSA Pass Plus showed the effectiveness of the scheme, 93% of people who had completed the Pass Plus scheme felt more confident on the road, and 80% considered that their driving skills had improved a result of taking the course. Here at Simply Driving Lessons we are proud of the results and passes that our pupils have achieved and would be more than happy to speak to you today about your Pass Plus course.

Car insurance discounts

After taking and completing the Pass Plus course, you could reduce your car insurance costs or get an extra no claims bonus with some insurance companies. With some insurance companies you could even save more money than what you had paid for your Pass Plus course. You will need to contact your own insurance company to find out more details, as this seems not to be always the case..